Daycare Jumpers

Welcome to Daycare Jumpers

The Premier Daycare Reporting System

Daycare Jumpers is an online network and nationally shared database that allows other providers to identify and report high-risk customers that do not pay their daycare bills. Your invited to start your new account today and join thousands of local service providers who are stopping clients who don't pay their bills and jump to the daycare up the street!

Childcare Providers face the risk of not being paid for any number of reasons. Most new clients are accepted on the basis of “good faith”. Some clients fall behind on making payment, and they “jump” to another childcare provider in order to avoid having to pay

  • Catch a Jumper
    You can search the database for potential clients before agreeing to extend credit for services. This helps you to avoid those who don't pay or alerts you to collect a deposit
  • Report a Jumper
    Providers can report delinquent clients. This gives clients an added incentive to make sure payment is made on time
  • Release a Jumper
    Once a client has fulfilled their payment obligations, providers can release them from a delinquent status. This gives the client added incentive to pay so they can regain their daycare privileges

A jumper leaves a debt at the original daycare then they "jump" to another Daycare leaving an unpaid balance. By reporting these jumpers to Daycare Jumpers, the next daycare can be spared while the first daycare gets paid. Get started today !