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Daycare Jumpers is an online network that allows providers to identify and report high-risk customers that do not pay their daycare bills. Join thousands of service providers who are stopping clients who don't pay their bills and "jump" to the daycare up the street!

We have developed a reporting system using a secure database that is shared across the country. We seek to help childcare providers report and recover lost money accrued by a Jumper. Clients that run up a bill with one Daycare and then take their kids to another is a very common issue in the Childcare business if not an epidemic

Childcare Providers face the risk of not being paid for any number of reasons. Most new clients are accepted on the basis of “good faith”. Some clients fall behind on making a payment, and they “jump” to another childcare provider in order to avoid having to pay

By signing up we can help you and other victims by providing a system in which you can simply logon and see if the client is already in the database. If not, you report the Jumper to help protect fellow Childcare Providers. This system of reporting, collecting and releasing is the basis of the DaycareJumpers.com business model

In short, the process is simple regarding Jumpers. You can Catch , Report or Release Jumpers as well as collect and or modify existing balances. Below is our Mission Statement to you ...

Mission Statement

DaycareJumpers is the Premier Daycare Reporting System. We seek to improve financial efficiency for daycare operators and to assist owners in daily business operations. In all we do, we strive for fairness, honesty and integrity