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  • No. This is considered slander and is not legal
  • If you have questions about how to deal with situations that get out of hand, call us! We are always happy to give you helpful information and tips on preventing future problems
  • Yes! DaycareJumpers.com has trained staff members that will review and suggest improvements and/or additions that will keep you protected
  • This is just another FREE service DaycareJumpers.com offers
  • As soon as you become a member, you can submit your daycare contract and any specific questions you may have, and - in just a few days - your contract review will be complete!
  • Yes !
  • No. Due to the nature of the daycare business, you do not need to tell your applicants that you are going to run a DaycareJumpers.com report
  • In accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, if your request returns negative information about that person (such as a daycare-related collection, delinquent childcare payment, etc.), and you decide not to provide care for that person's child, you MUST tell your applicant that the information listed with DaycareJumpers.com contributed to your decision
  • At that point, you are legally required to tell the applicant how to contact us, so that they may request a copy of the report currently on file in our system. This requirement is also listed in the DaycareJumpers.com membership agreement.
  • Note: While you do not have to tell your applicants that you are going to use DaycareJumpers.com to access their daycare history, many members who choose to do so
  • They often include information about DaycareJumpers.com in their daycare contracts and policies. Applicants who have something to hide (like a daycare-related collection, delinquent childcare payment, etc.) will be discouraged by this information. They will also begin to realize that they cannot continue to "hop" from daycare to daycare because DaycareJumpers.com is keeping an eye on them
  • Yes, reporting a parent who has been delinquent with his/her childcare payment is completely legal
  • DaycareJumpers.com is an nationwide consumer-reporting agency that operates in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Our team of legal advisors keeps DaycareJumpers.com updated on state and federal laws to ensure our system stays legal!
  • Feel free to read the Fair Credit Reporting Act if you would like to become familiar with its contents. Read the FAQ regarding
  • DaycareJumpers is a nationwide credit reporting agency created exclusively for daycare providers. We collect reports on parents who are consistently delinquent with childcare payments. Then, before you say yes to a new customer, you can access our extensive, nationwide database to screen each new parent. This allows you to eliminate the risk of taking on new parents who make a habit of repeatedly not making their childcare payments
  • The biggest difference between those credit reporting agencies and DaycareJumpers.com is that DaycareJumpers.com specializes in the area of delinquent childcare accounts. By specializing in this area, we are able to maintain an accurate database specifically related to childcare
  • DaycareJumpers.com continues to collect - account information from both daycare collection agencies and daycare providers across the United States. on any unpaid daycare accounts
  • All this information gives you an enormous advantage when screening parents. You can find out instantly whether the parent has been involved with a daycare-related collection, delinquent childcare payment procedure or other unsavory battles. This saves you time, stress, frustration and - most of all - lost money!
  • Log into Paypal
  • You will need to bring up a history of your transactions. Click on Activity. Then click on the subscription you wish to cancel
  • You should be brought to a Transaction Detail page. There should be a statement "Recurring Payment Sent" Click on the View Detail hyperlink next to it
  • There should be a cancel hyperlink at the top. Simply click it. If there is a pop-up box, then click the cancel option.
  • Unlimited access to report delinquent childcare payments
  • unlimited screening of parents through the nationwide database
  • An annual childcare contract review by our professional staff
  • There should be a cancel hyperlink at the top. Simply click it. If there is a pop-up box, then click the cancel option
  • A national toll-free number available 24 hours a day
  • Free online access via our website form

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